Dashboards with
embedded intelligence


Empowering you to act more decisively, strategically

Knowledge is power.

Thanks to their embedded research intelligence and ability to interpret data many times faster than rival systems, reducing days to hours or minutes. DataTile dashboards deliver valuable insights – quickly, accurately and affordably.

Superior visualization that empowers you to make smarter business moves.


Clarity to see what’s really happening

The deeper picture is always a revelation.

DataTile’s powerful visualization tools replicate the highly visual way the human brain works. Performing instant calculations on everything captured in the database, the platform lets you interrogate and manipulate data at every level — feeding it to customizable dashboards.

Visual knowledge that translates into a clear competitive edge.


Smart portals to work more collaboratively

Simpler is usually smarter.

Our platform and dashboards are highly intuitive and customizable to encourage agile data analysis. They seamlessly integrate with your data collection and BI systems, supporting all major data formats. DataTile creates synergy between all project stakeholders on a single portal and also allows teams to work in isolation for different clients.

Simplicity in operation which dramatically enhances productivity.


Secure by design to protect your data

When data is the currency, trust is everything.

DataTile is a robust, single-source-of-knowledge platform that ensures accurate delivery across different systems and teams, preventing data from ever getting lost. For additional security, numerous safeguards prevent users from accidentally introducing errors.

Data integrity you can trust your reputation with.