Case study: A Research Agency

Transforming how China’s CTR delivers its massive TGI syndicated survey and ad hoc research studies

The Client

China’s largest research agency, CTR Market Research is a joint venture of China International Television Corporation (CITVC) and Kantar Group.

 Its survey and monitoring network covers 500 cities in China, with an online survey community containing 4 million self-owned and cloud samples, and over 260,000 PC and mobile devices with proprietary behavior-monitoring software installed.

Now it all takes just hours rather than days and can be output in three languages simultaneously.

Ryan Li

General Manager
CTR, Mobile User Index

The Challenge

Data-loading and results-delivery from CTR’s ultra-large surveys such as TGI used to require days of painstaking work across different platforms.

Moreover, ad-hoc studies were especially time-consuming requiring countless hours work from valuable researchers and DPs.

The Solution

DataTile can handle massive surveys like China TGI at high speed and with end-to-end automation – from data loading through to results delivery and in multiple languages, if required.

Sample sizes in the millions can be directly loaded into the DataTile Enterprise server. At the same time, uploading ad-hoc surveys, which used to involve a lot of manpower, can be easily handled by the system without involving researchers and DPs.

The Transformation

“Now it all takes just hours rather than days and can be output inthree languages simultaneously,” said Ryan Li, General Manager at CTR, Mobile User Index.

“Integration with the NetEase DMP allows CTR to run digital campaigns right from DataTile. Media agencies identify target audiences by analyzing syndicated data, perform look-a- like mapping against audiences from online resources, then plan and run campaigns with automated loading of post- campaign statistics. Thanks to DataTile, we can do this all on a single platform with outstanding data visualizations,” said Li.