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Companies using DataTile

Tiburon Research
CTR China
“A highly cost-effective and flexible research analysis tool”
“Allows us to deal with a huge increase in advertiser requests”
Used to take days of painstaking work, now it'shours”
“Loads new waves of data with just a few clicks”
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Liberate your business
with lightning-fast intelligence

Combining awesome analysis, interactivity and speed, DataTile empowers you to go from data to decisions in minutes. It’s automated every step of the way — so goodbye tedious manual processing, hello huge time savings.

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Collaborate and harness
the power of many minds

Creating synergy on a secure portal, DataTile unites all project stakeholders and areas of research expertise. Invite clients to collaborate, elevating you from a supplier to a partner!


Create powerful visual knowledge instantly

Interactive dashboards with beautiful visualizations bring clarity that delivers insights. DataTile provides the freedom to explore, experiment and discover the deeper picture. You can deliver results in every major format — charts, reports, dashboards, embedded, API...

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Unrivalled speed with data integrity guaranteed

DataTile can analyze hundreds – or millions – of respondents in seconds, securely. End-to-end automation means huge gains in time efficiency and profitability. Data integrity and security at every step enhances productivity and protects your reputation.

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